CT Sabre

Parallax Innovations is pleased to preview another cutting-edge product – the CT Sabre. The CT Sabre is a robotic arm that fits inside the bore of a micro-CT scanner and is controlled remotely through software, allowing you to perform procedures, such as the delivery of therapeutic agents, biopsies, blood sampling, etc.

A unit for the eXplore CT120

A unit for the eXplore CT120

You can operate the arm during fluoroscopy:

  • ✔ Full control of needle position
  • ✔ Live view of needle under robotic control
  • ✔ Highly accurate needle positioning
  • ✔ Control of animal position
  • ✔ Full control of x-ray angle

Alternatively, you can plan an intervention from a reconstructed 3D volume:

  • ✔ Plan trajectory of needle with full anatomical information
  • ✔ Easy-to-use, interactive planner – point and click to define trajectory
  • ✔ No need to re-position the animal between acquisition and intervention
Using MicroView to plan the intervention

Using MicroView to plan the intervention

Safe and effective interventions for:

  • ✔ Cardiac perfusion
  • ✔ Biopsy
  • ✔ Tissue injection
  • ✔ Cannulation
  • ✔ Blood sampling

If you have any questions or comments about the CT Sabre, we would love to hear from you . Also, continue to watch this blog for future CT Sabre updates.

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