Image Bank

Image Bank

Image Bank is a network-attached storage device that expands the image storage capacity of your preclinical scanner, while at the same time, providing a full featured DICOM server.  Image Bank is designed to integrate with your preclinical scanner, allowing you to keep your current acquisition and reconstruction workflow. With the addition of a DICOM server, you can more easily manage your image data and make use of clinical software tools.  Your acquisition system doesn’t produce DICOM images?  No problem, as Image Bank converts your images to DICOM – automatically.

Image Bank also provides you with an easy way to move your image data to the cloud.  You can use cloud storage for backup or as a way to share image data with collaborators around the globe.


  • Includes a DICOM server
  • Integrates with existing preclinical equipment
  • Built-in easy access to the cloud
  • Automatic conversion of existing preclinical image formats to DICOM
  • Scalable RAID 10 storage


  • Opens up clinical applications for your preclinical image data
  • Increased storage capacity for acquisition and reconstruction
  • Reliable and safe back up of your valuable data
  • The ability to share images with collaborators around the globe

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