CT Sabre

CT Sabre

Perform robotic controlled, small animal interventions inside the micro-CT bore - either under fluoroscopy or planned from a CT reconstruction.

The Parallax Innovations CT Sabre is a six-degrees of freedom robotically-controlled micro-positioner, which permits precise positioning of a user selected tool, such as a biopsy needle. It can be guided by either live fluoroscopic x-ray feedback or retrospective 3D CT image reconstructions.

Scan, Plan and Treat

With the CT Sabre, you can perform a fast CT scan of the specimen, reconstruct a 3D image, and use the 3D image to plan the intervention. During the whole procedure, the specimen remains on the cradle.

Operate under Fluoroscopy

You can also control the CT Sabre under the guidance of a live x-ray fluoroscopy. Using the intuitive user interface, you can change the angle and position of the tool and determine the exact timing of the intervention, all the while monitoring the results through the x-ray images.

How it Works

The CT Sabre positions a needle or other intervention device about a fixed point in space, and when triggered will drive the needle in a downward direction. So, the target or stopping point of the needle is fixed, and it is the trajectory that is determined by your guidance.

To the left is a video that demonstrates the motion of the positioning arms. There is no needle mounted in the system; instead, there is a calibration phantom (glass bead).


Range of Motion

  • x axis: 10.6 mm
  • y axis: 12.1 mm
  • z axis: 25.0 mm
  • 185° in the roll plane (perpendicular to the x-ray beam)
  • 57° in the pitch plane
  • needle range: 7.3 mm

Accuracy and Repeatability

  • targeting accuracy is better than 200 µm
  • repeatability is better than 50 µm

Image Bank