Parallax Compute Engine

Parallax Compute Engine

The Parallax Compute Engine™ is a CUDA™-compatible GPU-accelerated FDK CT image reconstruction software and hardware package. The hardware is compact, quiet and powerful. The software is designed for tight integration and backward compatibility with existing CPU-based reconstruction engines on the following scanning platforms:

  • GE Locus/Locus SP (32-bit Windows)
  • GE eXplore (64-bit Linux)
  • GE Ultra (64-bit Linux)

The Compute Engine additionally includes MicroView , for image viewing and analysis on a 64-bit Linux operating system.

Features & Specifications

  • Intel i7 processor (6700)

  • NVidia GPU: GTX 1080

  • Small footprint: 9.4 x 8.2 x 15.8 inch

  • 3D cone-beam GPU-accelerated image reconstruction engine

  • Supports GE Locus, eXplore and Ultra data and workflow

  • Enquire about support for other platforms

  • Specifications are subject to change


  • Increased scanner throughput

  • Enhances the capabilities of your current scanner, while leaving core scanning components untouched

  • Support for retrospective gating

MicroView 2.5.0rc7 Released