GPU CT Reconstruction – Progress Report #4

Today we turn our attention to the GE Locus Ultra platform in our continuing set of posts on GPU reconstruction:  Integrating a faster GPU reconstruction engine into the GE Locus Ultra requires more careful consideration than some other CT scanners because of the system’s complexity and the need for end-to-end integration.  Without this, the scanner cannot maintain it’s incredible scan workflow. Keeping this in mind, we’ve sought out a solution that improves not only the raw reconstruction speed, but the data access rate to the operator console too.  We’ve blended the original 32-bit-only console software with a 64-bit host computer that runs GPU reconstructions as well as a 64-bit MicroView for visualization purposes.  The workflow is almost indistinguishable from the original, but is faster in almost all aspects, since data is no longer situated on a remote computer, but rather at the operator’s console computer.  See the video below for an introduction to the work we’re doing in this area.

GPU CT Reconstruction – Progress Report #3
MicroView progress report